We all learn when we’re young that the lines in the sky are caused by water vapor from a jets exhaust which freezes at high altitude. These contrails are always thin lines which dissipate fairly quickly usually before we lose sight of the plane that created them.

I’ve been taking pictures outdoors with a view camera for about twenty years and if you’ve read some of my previous posts you know that standing outside looking at the sky waiting for the light to change is par for the course. Why is it that the first ten of those twenty years contrails were missing when I looked in my camera and now they are hard to miss? In the last couple of years I’ve also noticed elaborate grid patterns and arrays in the sky of these trails. The trails last for hours and slowly dissipate into low-lying cirrus like clouds.

If I’m a conspiracy theorist, my friend Tim is a PCT (Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist) He elaborated on the many theories as to what’s going on in the sky. These new contrails are not frozen jet vapor but an amalgamation of chemicals most notably aluminum salts and barium purposely being released by airplanes and they are known as chemtrails.

After lots of internet research including conspiracy sites, YouTube videos and radio shows like Alex Jones’ the two most common theories are:

1) Chemtrails are a government operation put forth to delay climate change by creating a barrier in the sky to reflect sunlight back into space, creating a sunscreen in effect. This idea was initially conceived by physicist Freeman Dyson in 1979 who at the time realized that there could be a human concern to this idea.

2) Proponents of the New World Order want the world population cut by 80% and they mean to get to that point by destroying the food and water supplies and contaminating the air by blanketing it with chemicals.

Both of these theories seem far-fetched to me, although if I had to choose I would hope it’s the first one. That said, the eyes don’t lie and somethings going on. Driving into this scene the other day I pulled over and grabbed my digital camera from the passenger seat of my car. One thing is for sure. I never saw a sky like this when I was a kid.